Атмосфера ресторана наполнена яркими красками, которые ощущаются в каждой детали: от дизайнерского интерьера, располагающему к приятному отдыху, до неповторимых кулинарных шедевров, которые не оставят равнодушными даже самых изысканных гурманов.


New cozy restaurant with an open kitchen, summer terrace and breathtaking view of the Gulf of Finland. This is an Ideal place for lunch at noon and late night dancing with friends. Jazz concerts, Djs and pop-singers from all over the World is only a part of an art-program.


At Krysha 18, not only will you find panoramic, floor-length windows offering urban cityscape views, but also a trendy, loft-style restaurant with bright, stylish, slightly off-the-wall design features. Neon signs, exclusive wall art and rich colours all come together to create a real atmosphere of celebration and relaxation.


The interior has a refinement of style "Provence". In restaurant menu items are combined Russian, European and Japanese cuisine. "Gastronom" — is a gallery of taste, in which it is easy to get lost, indulging their little weaknesses.


Healthy food, carefully thought-through, witch is located in the Word Class Krestovsky, the heart of sporting life of St. Petersburg, where you can find a wide selection of protein shakes and nutritional smoothies, salad bar and dishes prepared on the technology sous-vide in the menu.

+7 (812) 449-07-71
Martynova quay 38 A